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Current Repertoire

Our broad repertoire covers the period 1600 to around 1780, and includes music from countries all over Western Europe. In addition to well-loved favourites by composers such as Purcell, Handel, Bach and Telemann, we aim to bring again to the London stage work by lesser-known composers of the later 18th Century. In many cases these pieces may have been languishing in the British Library unheard for around 250 years! During the season 2005-2006 we believe we brought about the modern premiere of pieces by William Flackton (1709-1798), William Boyce (1711-1779), and John Alcock (1715-1806), although if you are aware of other modern performances of our "premiered repertoire" then we would like to hear from you!

At the earlier end of the Baroque period we explore the initial experiments in monody undertaken by pioneers such as Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643), Dario Castello (fl. 1629), and Giovanni Battista Riccio (fl. 1609-21).

My Lady's Chamber can tailor repertoire to the individual requirements of our clients and most recent themed performances include From Purcell to Arne - The 18th Century London Stage for the Handel House Museum, and Horniman & Dolmetsch - Legend & Legacy for the Horniman Museum. On 19th February 2009 we will be present an evening of songs and sonatas from the English stage at the Lovekyn Chapel, London Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, as part of Kingston Early Music Series, (see Forthcoming Appearances for further details).